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Installation and tech support

To help you better understand how simple the product is and how easy it is to install connectors you will have access to training videos and other documents here.

Important Reading

  •  As of January 1, 2009 all FFI PlatinumTM products will require to have their warranty activated. There will be a serial number on the Box and you will need to activate the warranty.  This applies only to FFI Branded Systems and not private labeled products. You can order your serial numbered label by simply sending us a copy of your purchase invoice.
  • Simply download the document, fill it out and fax or email it back to us. This will be the only way your FFI platinumTM E85 Upgrade System five year warranty will be in affect. Download Here
  • Printable RMA form. FFI products returned without this RMA form may not be covered under warranty. Click Here to Download RMA Form

FFI Non-Warranty Product Return Policy – FFI Products

* This policy covers FFI product purchased directly from FFI.
* Within the first 10 business days, purchaser may return the FFI product to the seller for a full refund. After this initial period and for not more than 2 calendar months, purchaser may return the product, but the refund will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.
* All returned product must be in new condition, not having been installed in a vehicle or otherwise used or damaged.
* Customer/dealers are responsible for return shipping, taxes, customs expenses, etc.
* Time constraints are from date of original product shipment from FFI until the date of return shipment being consigned to the custody of the return carrier (postmark, waybill, or consignment note).
* Refund amounts are based upon the US dollar amount of the original purchase.
* Selection of the method for transferring the refund money due for a product return is the sole decision of FFI.
* Eligibility for refund, refund amount and method of funds transfer is at the sole and complete discretion of FFI.
FFI PlatinumTM Diagrams

Video & Training

Video Help (Injector Connectors- large files so be patient)

Training Information – Printable

Engine Firing Order

GM 4.3L – 6 Cylinder Spider injection below (USED UNTIL 2006)


Injector Information

Basic fuel injector diagram below


Checking my injectors basics

While an engine is running you should be able to hear each injector clicking as the electronic valve opens and closes. To aid in this inspection use a stethoscope and touch it against each injector.

Remove the injector electrical connector, turn the key to the on position without starting the engine. This test will tell you if the computer has proper system voltage and injector trigger signal. Remove an electrical connector from a fuel injector. Probe both sides of the connector with a grounded test light or multimeter (voltmeter). Set the voltmeter to DC voltage. Have a helper turn the key to the “on” position without cranking the engine and observe. The test light/voltmeter should illuminate/read one side of the connector. The multimeter should read about 12 volts. Next, switch the test light or multimeter (voltmeter) lead (black) or to the positive side of the battery to test the system ground injector trigger. Disable the ignition system so the engine will not start (disconnect ignition coil or remove the ignition fuse). Probe the side of the connector that did not light up in the previous step, have a helper crank the engine over and observe the test light, it should blink on and off or the multimeter (voltmeter) should bounce from 0 to 12 volts. (Note: if no injector pulse is present try disconnecting the remainder of injectors and re-test, if a fuel injector is shorted it can shut down the injector driver causing no injector pulse. If injector pulse returns plug the injectors in one at a time until the pulse fails. Replace effecting injector). If this test is positive and the injector still will not operate the injector has failed and replacement is required.

While the injector wire connector is off, test the fuel injector windings by setting the millimeter (voltmeter) to ohms and attach the leads to either side of the injector. Your reading will vary depending on manufacturer. For the exact ohms reading a car repair manual is needed. Test all of your injectors; if one injector reading is considerably different from the others replace the different injector.

Check the fuel pressure regulator, remove the vacuum line feeding the fuel pressure regulator, check for the presence of fuel, if fuel is present the diaphragm inside the regulator has ruptured and is feeding raw fuel into the engine causing it to run rough.

Ethanol Articles

Check Your Polarity before ordering your Digital Unit


There are a few models of cars that are designed with the polarity of the injector connector reversed. Before you install the ECO-Flex™ system it is always best to verify the polarity.

1. Disconnect one of the injector connectors.

2. Connect the a meter from the battery – pole.

3. Turn the ignition switch to the on position, do not start the vehicle.

4. Connect the meters positive probe to one of the injector connectors terminals.

5. Verify which terminal is + 12 Volts.