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2009/2010 Major News Announcements 

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  • Updated: 24/03/2009 at 12:00 AM

Advanced Auto Parts and Service Co, an affiliate of the car importer Yontrakit Group, expects its launch of US-made ethanol conversion kits to increase Thailand’s ethanol consumption.

The company is launching ethanol conversion kits imported from the US under the brand of Fuel Flex International and priced from 7,000 to 28,000 baht.

The conversion kits allows petrol-fuelled vehicles to switch to E10, E20 and E85 blends of gasohol, made with petrol and ethanol.

March 24th 2010: FFI CEO and founder, Alex Conger  his wife Michelle arrived in Thailand to attend the formal kickoff and do formal technical training of the FFI line of products that will now be available from the Yontrakit Group. suppliers of Audi, Kia and VW, as well as advanced auto parts of Thailand.

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2010 News and Media Day at the Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok with FFI,Yontrakit Group and the 10 leading automotive  news papers and magazines in Thailand.


2010 FFI Training Day at Yontrakit Group HQ


2010 FFI Training Day 
Student Installation


200 KM FFI/E85 Test and Diagnostics Findings


Prognosis: after nearly 137,000 miles of test on a group of 10 vehicles on normal day to day driving with E85, ranging from Honda, Toyota. VW. Audi.  GM and others, no deterioration of any fueling or emissions infrastructure on test vehicles from Petrogreen and FFI Thailand.

2010 FFI Thailand Dealer Tour and Training